Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A wave lasts only moments
but underneath another one is always to be born.
This isn't the Tao of people but of waves.
As a student of people, waves, the Tao,
I'm free to let you know that waves and people tell the same story
of how blood and water were born,
that our bodies are full of creeks and rivers flowing in circles,
that we are kin of the waves
and the nearly undetectable ocean currents,
that the moon pleads innocence
of its tidal power, its wayward control of our dreams,
the way the moon tugs at our skulls and loins,
the way the tides make their tortuous love to the land.
We're surely creatures with unknown gods.

-Jim Harrison from Saving Daylight


  1. Greetings from the Southern Hemispehere to the Talkin' Story crew!

    "waves and people tell the same story . . . kin of the waves", lovely work Jim and co.


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  3. Beautiful..and so true...the ocean and tides control more than we know. It is that "unknown" that keeps me coming back for more....long may we ride.