Sunday, April 26, 2009



The nature of this blog can be equated to the formation of swells.  
A single author offering the occasional entry based on one point of view, may have some punch, but likely lacks real power and depth.  
This model is of course a windswell. 
 If however, multiple authors contribute and coalesce to offer myriad entries from multiple vantages, well then, that is how a true groundswell is formed.

That said, it is with great enthusiasm that I welcome Jamie Watson, Mick Sowry, Ed Fladung, Bruce Cowan, and Ricardo Salcedo as contributors to Talkin' Story.

Like all swells, Talkin' Story comes from humble beginnings, but with any luck it may find its way to your shore carrying with it a groundswell of observation from many oceans.

Much Aloha,


  1. Lookin' pretty good from here. And don't forget, "It's always better than it looks."